When Squigly was alive, she was known as Sienna CiShan Contiello. Her mother was from a far away land, known as the Dragon Kingdom, while her father came from a long line of famous opera singers. A marriage of their kind was not usually tolerated, but thanks to special connections with the mafia, they were able to live a happy life. Living with them was her grandfather from the Dragon Kingdom. He was the host to the ancient Parasite known as “Leviathan,” who was their family heirloom. One day, her grandfather ran into the greedy and evil hair monster Parasite known as Samson. Samson’s uncontrolled consumption was too much for Squigly’s grandfather to handle. Eventually, his life was extinguished. Samson was expelled, and Leviathan was given to Squigly’s father. However, the tragedy was not over. {C As time went on, the mafia demanded for more and more money from Squigly’s family. When it became impossible to pay, they ran into a little “accident.” This accident spared nobody, but Squigly was saved by Leviathan. He had sworn to protect their family, and this was the only thing he could do to save them. Squigly vowed to have revenge against the mafia, and looked at the syndicate from the Dragon Kingdom for help, despite Leviathan’s advice not to. However, things began to change when they heard about a young girl who was the host to an evil hair monster. They knew Samson was going to use her to go for the Skull Heart, and that they must be stopped.


Featured here we have the actual OST cover art, and then two concept sketches.

The musically-minded Marie.


Cast Playthrough for Ms. Fortune (by JusticeTang)



I don’t know how to draw guitars. /sob